NBA Quarter Season Recap

The NBA season is roughly a quarter of the way finished and it has more than lived up to the hype. Duos throughout the league have banded together to provide the most balanced play since LeBron’s return to Cleveland. The Bucks and Lakers lead the Eastern and Western Conferences, respectively, while both sporting 22-3 records.

Future Hall of Famer, LeBron James, is having one of his best campaigns to date in his 17th season. He’s averaging 25.8 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 10.8 assists a game. The other half of LA’s dynamic duo, Anthony Davis, is having a monumental season as well while averaging 27.2 points and 9.2 rebounds a game. The Lakers have catapulted themselves into title consideration by their early performance thus far.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is leading the surging Bucks while averaging 30.9 points on 56% shooting while pulling down 13.2 rebounds a game. He’s also showing a lot of progression in his game while shooting the three ball at a higher volume and percentage. His athleticism is still off the charts and he still dominates the paint like Shaq. This guy’s ceiling is nonexistent, and as usual, his play will directly correlate with how far this team will go.

The Los Angeles Clippers have the most interesting team in the NBA while checking in at second in the West. Kawhi Leonard & Paul George are the most talented two way wings in the league and they’re playing on the same team. The Clips also have an elite defensive point guard in Pat Beverly, as well as a dog in the paint in Montrezl Harrel. And who can forget perennial sixth man candidate, Lou Williams? The Clips are rocking a 19-7 record which is good for second in the West. A Western Conference Finals match-up between the two LA teams is something fans everywhere are salivating for.

James Harden is once again setting the league on fire with his outrageous level of scoring with the Houston Rockets. Harden is averaging 38.7 points a game along with 7.5 assists. The addition of Russell Westbrook has made Houston an extremely formidable opponent to anyone in a seven game series. While Clint Capella and the rest of Houston’s core is back for another run at a championship. We’ll see if Mike D’Antoni’s system can finally break through. Houston is fourth in the West with a 16-8 record.

Second year wing, Luka Doncic, is averaging near a triple double and has the Mavericks playing above their ceiling. Dallas is third in the West with a 16-7 record right above Houston. The addition of Kristaps Porzingis has made the Mavs a team of young unicorns, who if they play to their potential, can be a problem to any opponent any time. The games between the Mavs & Lakers this season have been classics and represent another series fans of the league would love to see.

The Eastern Conference feels like a league of well balanced teams. The big surprise is the Miami Heat who have a core of young guys complimented by Jimmy Butler & possible Rookie of the Year, Tyler Herro. Miami is 18-6 which is good for second in the East. The biggest question for the Heat is if they can keep this level of play up. Erik Spoelstra is a great coach and I would be willing to bet they’ll make noise in the playoffs.

The top five seeds in both conferences are separated by no more than six games. The NBA starts slow most years, in terms of interest, with football still in full swing when the season tips off. But the foundation is being set for an absolutely incredible year. Duos across the league are tuning up their teams for a wide open championship run, and the Larry O’ Brien trophy is anyone’s to take.

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